Cross Country Skiing is a snow-sports enthusiast’s favorite!  Whether you’ve been skiing for years or are looking to try it for the first time, Moose Woods Guide Service can get you to glide gracefully, through the Katahdin Region’s winter landscape. 

Cross Country Skiing is great exercise, requiring movement of all the body’s muscle groups.  A great cardio-vascular work-out, it requires balance and core strength, yet can be enjoyed by a wide spectrum of varying abilities.  It just so happens that our region offers groomed trails that are appropriate for all levels of experience.  From introductory flat terrain skiing on shorter 3 mile loops, to hillier routes offering greater challenge, we can plan an outing from a couple of hours to a multi-day and overnight excursion.

This is a great family friendly activity that combines exercise with site seeing and wildlife observation.  Visit the Katahdin Region during the snowy season, and start a new family tradition in 2018!


Most anglers come to the Katahdin Region seeking out Maine’s cold water species of fish, such as brook trout, lake trout (togue), landlocked salmon, whitefish and cusk. 


With dozens of ponds and lakes to choose from, some bodies of water are easier to get to than others.  Most will require a snowmobile to travel to.  Clients can bring their own snowmobiles, rent a snowmobile, or ride on the back of one with our experienced guides.

The weather conditions can be challenging while ice fishing, which is why we’ll be employing portable ice shacks on the most challenging days.  Hot drinks and generous offerings of a hot lunch will be provided on every trip.


With more than 350 miles of groomed ITS and Club Trails, Katahdin Country offers some of the most spectacular snowmobiling in the State of Maine.

Make Millinocket your base camp to bang out day trips to other locales and take in their sights and flavor along the way.  Or...

Visit traditional Maine Sporting Camps on a customized weekly tour with overnight accommodations at some of the most remote fishing locations.  We cater to anglers that want to get out on the hard water to fish for togue, brookies, whitefish and cusk.  Have you ever eaten cusk chowder? Or...

Let us map out your Maine winter vacation itinerary, complete from pick-up to drop-off.  We're flexible and leave plenty of wiggle room for contingency plans.


Snowmobile Rentals:

Moc's Power Sports and Rentals

NEOC Twin Pines - Snowmobile Rentals


Snow shoeing is another great snow-sport that can get the heart pumping.  Trekking off trail with a group of friends or family, shows you just exactly how these tools of winter travel are invaluable.  Hiking in single file with a leader breaking trail, then falling back to the end of the line, while the next in line assumes the role of trail breaker in the lead. That technique is a good exercise in team work and energy conservation, allowing for hours of backcountry trekking off trail.

This activity is multi-dimensional in that you can incorporate other activities into it.  Call and rove for coyotes or track snowshoe hare with your rifle or shotgun.  Not a hunter?  No problem!  Bring your camera and an extra SD card and you’ll never run out of shots! 


Again, this is a great family friendly activity that combines exercise with site seeing and wildlife observation.  Snow shoe rentals are available at Ski Rack Sports in Bangor, ME.


Hunt America’s most adaptable predator, the Eastern Coyote!  Pursuing coyotes offers an exciting hunting experience, matching wits with a very intelligent wild canine in Maine’s North Woods.  The expansion and proliferation of the Eastern Coyote, coupled with the loss of wintering habitat, has had a devastating effect on northern Maine’s white-tailed deer population. 

Well applied and constant hunting pressure on coyotes can have a positive effect on reducing the concentration of coyotes in localized areas, giving white-tailed deer populations relief from predation, especially during severe winters with deep snow.  Help us, help the deer herd in Katahdin Country!

We employ two strategies to hunting coyotes; utilizing stationary blinds at bait sites and calling and roving.  We have the option of hunting either during the day, or at night, depending on one’s preference and current weather conditions.  Ask us for more details. 


We’re happy to plan any type of combination for you.  Spend a few days in Katahdin Country!  Hunt during the day or set up a combination night hunt and ice fishing package!



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