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Allagash Waterway            Backcountry Fishing

Green Drake Hatch         Katahdin Hike         


Canoe Tripping
Maine Hiking and Backpacking
Moose Tours and Wildlife Photography

Do you want water?  We've got it, and plenty of it!  The Katahdin Region is the launching point for four major canoe trips.  


These extended trips offer a variety of challenges, good food, fishing, wildlife observation opportunities and the chance to pack more creature comforts, "including the kitchen sink"!  


There are also opportunities for less difficult, single overnight trips, but we can tailor the duration and activity to whatever your pleasure may be.  


With nearly 300 miles of trails in the Katahdin Region, alone, you'll find a variety of choices.  


From ridge running and exploring the rare alpine tundra, to discovering waterfalls and trekking into one of our many remote trout ponds.  The only disappointment you'll feel is not being able to see it all on your first trip!  


We want to help you set up an itinerary that will meet your goals, and pique your interest for future visits, also.  Don't forget to break in those new hiking boots!  See you on the trail!!!


Maine has the healthiest and most robust population of wild brook trout throughout the entire chain of  the Appalachian Mountains.  The Katahdin Region is no exception!    


Whether your interest is wading in rivers and streams or fishing ponds from a canoe, we can accommodate easy access and extended backcountry overnight trips.  Let us plan your fishing adventure today!


The iconic and enigmatic Maine Moose, (Alces alces Americana), is the most sought-after charismatic mega-fauna of the North Maine Woods! Visitors from around the world visit Katahdin Country each year with hopes of spying one of these magnificent creatures.

Join us for a Moose Safari and Wildlife Photography Tour, where we'll get you into position to observe and photograph moose and other critters in their natural habitat. With the Katahdin Region's awe inspiring landscape as the backdrop, you'll be certain to develop a masterful portfolio of natural imagery to share for years to come!

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