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Moose Woods Guide Service, LLC is committed to providing safe and memorable experiences for our guests visiting the Katahdin Region of Maine. Safety is the cornerstone of any backcountry wilderness adventure. Whether it be just a ride down a logging road seeking out wildlife and taking in the scenery, or a multi-day remote excursion, mitigating the inherent risks of wilderness travel is the foundation of a successful trip. The current pandemic is no exception to presenting risks and has created a new dynamic of hazards to consider, as well as innovative ways for how we will operate activities, safely.


To maintain our health, the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) Pandemic has implored each of us to change our behaviors and adapt to a different way of living. These newly established norms of behavior have become necessary to protect the most vulnerable populations in our communities. It will not be long until each of us will either have a friend or relative become effected by this virus or know of someone who has. Adapting to these new procedures and protocols is the first step to planning for a safe re-opening of our tourism economy. And, our first concern is always visitor safety.


Therefore, in the spirit of protecting our guests, employees, and our communities; we have proudly signed on to the Maine DECD’s recommendations that have been created to re-open our economy in a safe fashion for all. To ensure the safety of our guests and employees, we will issue appropriate PPE, as well as maintaining clean equipment by following recommended cleaning and disinfecting guidelines.


I have made the links available to Maine’s DECD, for reference. Please check back often. As new information becomes available, these recommendations may change as the status of the pandemic changes, also. Be safe. Be well. And see you on the trail, soon!


All the best, Ranger Paul

Paul Sannicandro – Master Maine Guide/Owner

Moose Woods Guide Service, LLC

Millinocket, Maine – U.S.A.

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