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Moose Hunt:  3 weeks - 


Cabin Accommodations:   

$ 4,500 for Permit Holder and Sub-Permittee.


Drop Camp – Cabin Tenting:

$ 3,750 for Permit Holder and Sub-Permittee.


Trip duration:  7 nights, 6 days, all meals included

(License, Permit, Gate and Camping Fees not included.)


$ 700 per additional party member,

accompanying Permit Holder

and Sub-Permittee.



Partridge Hunt:   

October 1st to December 31st


$ 180 pp/pd, $ 450 pp for 3-days



Snowshoe Hare: 

October 1st to March 31st


$ 180 pp/pd, $ 450 pp for 3-days

Maine partridge hunting
Maine moose hunts
Maine partridge hunting
Maine moose hunts

A hunt of a lifetime! Few hunters, by chance, win the coveted Moose Permit through the annual lottery contest which takes place in early June.


Many of those hunters that do get the chance, have planned from the start who will join them in their hunting party. The experience of sharing Maine moose hunts with friends and family in the field, down to enjoying some of the best table fare (some say better than the best cuts of beef, and I have to agree), will live in memories for years to come.


Our Maine moose guides travel the woods roads daily, and explore waterways throughout the season, as well, keeping an eye on where the moose have been sighted. Consider a float hunt to get away from the rest of the hunting community.  Contact us for more information.  Trips begin booking in mid -  June.    


Ruffed Grouse, or PAH-tridge, as they are referred to in this neck of the woods, are the prevalent upland game bird of the North Maine Woods. With an explosive take-off that is heart attack worthy, you'll do well to get your bead on them and take them on the wing!   

Partridge are great table fare, with a generous daily bag limit. Come exercise your four legged friend for an adventure afield that will surely touch all of your senses.  Autumn is an amazing time of the year to be in Katahdin Country!


There are areas of the vast North Maine Woods that are lush with hundreds of thousands of acres of even aged stands of spruce and fir trees.  This is the habitat that you'll find snowshoe hare, coupled with their number one predator, the Canadian Lynx.

Maybe you enjoy the sounds of hounds baying, while they chase and circle hare, to and fro for hours.  You hear them getting closer!  Get ready!  These white critters blend in with their snowy surroundings and  can jump across your trail in a flash!

Whether you're shotgunning with beagles or plodding along on your own snowshoes while tracking hare with a .22 LR, it's a great day spent in the field getting exercise and honing your marksmanship skills!

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